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Hey, this is Seattle. If you ain't in a band, then the person you're standing next to is. And here's where you'll find out about the best bands in Seattle - pictures, bios, music and links to the bands' official websites. Wanna hear more Seattle music? Tune in to The End's local music show, The Young and The Restless, Sunday nights at 8, for two hours of Northwest bands.

Friday Local Bands Live on The End:

Every Friday at 6 PM, harms and Dick Rossetti invite a local band to play live in the studio across the hall. Click here to look at pictures and listen to songs from those performances. So far, Rocky Votolato, Band of Horses, Sirens Sister, The Divorce, Mountain Con, and more have all contributed!

Don't miss The End's local show every Sunday from 8-10 PM!

Death Cab for Cutie
Having been a revered NW artist for years, Death Cab for Cutie released their much anticipated, and major label debut record "Plans" late 2005. Now, DCFC's music can be heard everywhere...slowly taking over the world.
Pretty Girls Make Graves
From the ashes of great Seattle bands The Murder City Devils, Kill Sadie, and the Death Wish Kids, came Pretty Girls Make Graves. Their music can be described as a post punk explosion featuring the musicianship of Fugazi and plenty of sass. Now on renowned independent label Matador Records, PGMG released 'Elan Vital' in April 2006.
Presidents of the USA
Long since their inception in the early 90s, The Presidents of the USA are still going strong. With the release of their latest album, "Love Everybody," PUSA has secured themselves as a staple in the Seattle music community.

The Postal Service
The Postal Service pairs the music of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello (DnTel). Named for the way they traded sounds and ideas during the creative process the group released their only full length record "Give Up" in early 2003 on local label Sub Pop records.
Seattle band Visqueen are all rock with no gimmicks. In late 2004, the group issued their new record "Sunset on Dateland" and continue to tour the US as often as possible. Think of a female fronted Buzzcocks with a twist of Blondie and the legendary Ben Hooker on drums.
Schoolyard Heroes
Since making a name for themsleves at EMP's 2003 Sound Off! competition, the SYH have been slowly proving that they are one of Seattle's most promising young bands. Ryann Donnelly's operatic vocals and dark lyrics are blended with the angst-ridden instrumentals of a determined hardcore band. Look for Schoolyard Heroes' second album "Fantastic Wounds" June 21, 2005.
The Fire Theft
Featuring 3 original members of legendary Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft pick up right where Sunny Day left off. Their self titled record was released in 2003 through Rykodisc.
The Ruby Doe
Rock & Roll is well and alive in Seattle! The Ruby Doe are the prime example. Mixing punk rock with a math rock flare, these guys just released their latest record, "Always With Wings" on local label Loveless Records.
Modest Mouse
Headliner of Deck the Hall Ball 2004 and a Northwest fav for years, Modest Mouse finally entered the world of TRL and Top 40 in 2004 with their latest record "Good News for People who Love Bad News" It seems like the rest of the world has found out what Seattle has known for years.
The Blood Brothers
Noisy, brash, sassy, dancy, abrasive... all of these words and many more can describe the sound concocted by the Blood Brothers. Veterans of the local punk/hardcore scene, The Blood Brothers recently released their latest, "Crimes" through V2 Records.
Having formed in Bellingham, WA in '93, Verona unleash their full rock sound on the NW. With catchy hooks and soulful vocals, their new record "Rumored to Whisper Suspicion" was just released through Lujo records this past year.
Making music since 2000, Aveo have released 2 full lengths both produced by Phil Ek (Modest Mouse, Built to Spill). Their most recent, "Battery" was put out by local favorite, Barsuk records.
Formerly known as "The New Mexicans," they released "Chicken Head Talking Diamonds" on local label Under the Needle in 2004. They continue playing shows under their new name.
One of the more unique and diverse bands in the Northwest, The rock side of Kinski can be found on their most recent release "Alpine Static" out via Sub Pop.
Big Business
Big Business features Jared from Karp on bass and Coady from The Murder City Devils on drums. Their new record, "Head for the Shallow" was just released on Hydra Head records.
Harvey Danger
Harvey Danger's "Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?" was released in 1997 and attracted national attention with their hit "Flagpole Sitta". After, however, the band laid dormant for quite some time until their resurrection in 2004 with a brand new EP entitled "Sometimes You Have to Work On Christmas (Sometimes)." Their brand new full length "Little by Little" came out September '05.
Behind the mind of singer/songwriter David Terry, Aqueduct released their latest 'I Sold Gold' through Barsuk Records. Also played the Seattle stage @ Endfest 14.
Band of Horses
Featuring ex-members of Carissa's Weird, Band of Horses create beautiful indie rock songs on their newest record "Everything All The Time" out now via Sub Pop. It's not only earned them NW acclaim, but national praise as well.

Pedro the Lion
Fronted by David Bazan, Pedro the Lion have been a mainstay in the Seattle indie-rock community since 1995. Their most recent was released via Jade Tree Records in 2004 called "Achilles Heel."
Vendetta Red
Exploding into the national spotlight with 2003's "Between the Never and the Now', Vendetta Red quickly became a favorite for kids across the nation. Their new record, "Sisters of the Red Death" was released summer '05, but unfortunately played their last show ever in April of 2006. Members have since gone on to form a new projet called Siren Sister.
Shane Tutmarc is Dolour. Consistently surrounded by a number of talented musicians helping the cause, Dolour's latest record, "New Old Friends" was released in 2004 through the re-born Made In Mexico records.
The Long Winters
Featuring singer/songwriter John Roderick, The Long Winters released "When I Pretend to Fall" in 2004 through Barsuk. Currently, their newest EP 'Ultimatum' came out late 2005, and are working on material for a full length follow up.
Minus The Bear
"Menos el Oso" is the new record by Minus the Bear out now on local Suicide Squeeze Records. Featuring members of Botch, Kill Sadie, and Sharks Keep Moving.
In June of 2004, Pris released "The Kiss Off" on local label Loveless Records. The album covers most of their work, much of it reworked and remastered. Featuring Burke Thomas, also of Vendetta Red.
Mon Frere
Winner of EMP's 2004 Sound Off! Competition for bands/musicians under 21, Mon Frere have since been making a name for themselves in the community. They released their "Real Vampires EP" last year, and their debut full length called "Blood, Sweat & Swords." early 2006.
Alien Crime Syndicate
ACS' 2004 album, "Ten Songs In The Key Of Betrayal" was co-produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters). It's a chromed and beautifully tough album about the needs of rock and roll, the pitfalls of hustler life, and how to make every day feel like Friday night. "All big hooks and larger than life personality" -- LA Weekly.
Instant Winner
With Neil the Midnight Cowboy (of 1077 The End fame) at the helm on vocals and guitar, Instant Winner have developed a fan base with their punk/ska/rock based songs. Their latest "Free For All" was released in 2002.
If you remember a band named Loudermilk, then you already know Gosling. Their debut EP was released in 2004 though local label, The Control Group.
Ms. Led
Ms. Led released their newest "These Things We Say" in late 2004, a collection of anthemic power-pop songs with punk rock guts.
The Turn-ons
Since 1997, the Turn-ons have been playing and evolving their own brand of rock music to the delight of many. Their latest album, "East", was released in 2004.
Hailing from Olympia, WA, IQU (pronounced ee-koo) produce a sound best described as "lo-fi electronic." Their latest, Sun Q, was released in late '04.
Charming Snakes
Seattle 4-piece rock/punk band The Charming Snakes released their latest full length through local Dirtnap Records called 'Ammunition.' Look for them opening on national tours through 2005.
The Briefs
Toting cool ties, sunglasses and studded belts, The Briefs released "Steal Yer Heart" late 2005. Punk rock lives.
Daylight Basement
Featuring Bre Loughlin, former frontwoman for local band Kuma, Daylight Basement was born in the summer of '05 as a solo project. It blossomed into a full band and they put out their debut "Any Kind of Pretty" in December of that year.
Math and Physics Club
Their latest "Moving Ending Romance EP" has garnered MAPC a considerable fanbase with their catchy indie pop. Continuing their success, they're currently writing and recording for a new record due out in 2006 through Matinee Recordings.
Valley of the Dinosaurs
Hailing from Bremerton, these 4 guys play great hardcore infused rock songs. They're 6 song debut EP is available now.
The Saturday Knights
Vets of Deck the Hall Ball 2005: Home for the Holidays, The Saturday Knights debut EP is out now. It fuses hip hop and a rock in a completely innovative way that has garnered them considerable hype around the NW.

These Arms are Snakes
Having previously released an EP and a split with local band Harkonen, These Arms Are Snakes released their debut full length "Oxeneers Or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Goes Home" through Jade Tree records in 2004. With an explosive live show, TAAS have quickly developed a local and national fan base. Also features members of now defunct Kill Sadie, Nineironspitire, and Botch.
Common Heroes
Common Heroes showcase their own brand of rock on their new 6-song self titled EP. Produced by Jack Endino.
From members of 2 of Seattle's most pummeling bands (Botch and Harkonen) comes Roy: an alt-country-rock band. Their debut full length, "Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption" is out now.
The Pale Pacific
Having garnered comparisons to other local band Death Cab for Cutie, The Pale Pacific's latest full length is called "Urgency." It is in stores right now.
The Popular Shapes
Art punk band, The Popular Shapes, have released a number of 7"'s, splits, and a full length entitled "Bikini Style" that came out in 2003.
The latest release by Seattle band Juno came out in 2001 entitled "A Future Lived in Past Tense." It was recorded with the help of Nick Harmer (Death Cab) and Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters).
The Magic Magicians
John Atkins (764-HERO) and Joe Plummer (Black Heart Procession) make up The Magic Magicians. They released their latest self titled record through local label Suicide Squeeze Records.
The Lawnmowers
Power pop 4-piece the Lawnmowers are full of catchy rock songs. You can pick up their most recent release "Fearless" now.
Suffering & The Hideous Thieves
Formerly of 90 Lb. Wuss and Raft of Dead Monkeys, Jeff Suffering leads his hideous thieves through a number of unique songs, to say the least. They recently released their second full length "Rats in Heaven" through Lujo Records.
Kane Hodder
Hardcore with plenty of geeky glasses wearing sass. Kane Hodder released "The Pleasure to Remain So Heartless" late 2004. With a national tour schedule set up, they are bringing their rock to more than just the NW.
From harms' hometown of Bremerton, WA, MxPx have been playing pop-punk anthems since 1993. Having released 9 full lengths plus a number of EP's and 7"'s, MxPx have established themselves as one of the forefathers of the genre. "Panic" came out in 2005 right around their Endfest 14 performance.
Winner of the Stranger's 2005 Big Shot! Competition. Look out for the Razrez EP out now, which was accompanied by their performance at Endfest 2005 as part of their Big Shot prize package.
Post Stardom Depression
PSD's 2005 album "Prime Time Looks A Lot Like Amateur Night" is a whirling electric masterpiece born from retro-rock bands such as T-Rex as well as the progressive and modern thrust of QOTSA. "Prime Time" proves how passion and sweat can still be a prerogative for bands who are in love with true rock.
The Fitness
"like the Stooges vs. Human League with all the sweat-soakede synths, lip-curled vocals, and brazen guitars." 8 out of 10 - VICE Magazine.
Alta May
Recorded by Jack Endino, local rock band Alta May released their latest 'Dark Days' in 2003. A new 7" is set to come out in Spring 2005.
Damien Jurado
Damien Jurado has quietly built up a strong fan base across the country with his own version of singer/songwriter folk music. Having previously released records through Sub Pop, he released his latest 'On My Way to Absence' in 2005.
Mono In VCF
Tacoma based Mono in VCF create brooding rock taking influence from the great Brit-rock bands of the last 30 years. They released their debut "Voltage Control EP" in 2005.
Voyager One
Tipping their hats to My Bloody Valentine, Voyager One create electronic, psychadelic, and at times, instrumental songs. Their latest "Dissolver" is out now.
Crystal Skulls
Releasing their debut "Blocked Numbers" on Suicide Squeeze to much acclaim in 2005, Crystal Skulls are building upon their momentum with a brand new record in 2006 called "Outgoing Behavior."
Featuring former members of Pearl Jam and Green Apple Quickstep, and creating a sound reminiscent of 90's Seattle grunge, Novatone released "Time Can't Wait" in 2005.
Speaker Speaker
Writing snappy pop songs with catchy melodies, Speaker Speaker have a 3 song EP available now called "Again & Again & Again."

Rocky Votolato
Also the frontman for local band Waxwing, Rocky Votolato has made an even bigger name for himself as a solo singer/songwriter artist. With a rabid fan base, he's releasing his brand new album, "Makers", through Barsuk records in January 2006.
The Lashes
Punkified pop band The Lashes released their latest 4-song EP called "The Stupid Stupid" through Lookout Records in 2004. The new record and major label debut, "Get It" is scheduled for release February 2006.
Mountain Con
Veterans of Endfest 14's Seattle Stage, Mountain Con create an eclectic mix of hip hop, funk, and rock on their newest called "Sancho Panza."
Comprised of a 10 and 12 year old sister, Smoosh have quickly gathered a local fan base and national attention. A New Smoosh song is featured on the "Live from the Morning Alternative" compilation out now to benefit The Vera Project.
Super Deluxe
Super Deluxe's latest full length "Surrender" was just released nationally and you heard the first single "Knockout" on The End.
Matthew Shaw
Blending acoustic/electric guitar and electronic beats, Matthew Shaw's "Convenience" was released in 2005 through local Burning Building Recordings.
The Divorce
Now on Made in Mexico records, their new record "The Gifted Program" was released in September 2005, which continues to garner them a considerable local fan base.
Boss Martians
Mixing their own brand of garage rock and late 70s power pop (ala Cheap Trick), Boss Martians released "The Set-Up" this year on MuSick Recordings.
United State of Electronica
U.S.E. (aka The United State of Electronica) have built a large NW fan base with their brand of dance/disco songs. Their self titled record is out now.
The Cops
Seattle rock/punk band The Cops released their debut full length "Get Good or Stay Bad" on Seattle label Mt. Fuji Records in 2005.
Idiot Pilot
A brash of electronics, Thom Yorke-esque singing, and Blood Brothers-esque screaming characterize Idiot Pilot's unique musical delivery. Their major label debut "Strange we Should Meet Here" was released 2005.
From now defunct local bands Seaweed and Polecat comes Leuko. Their s/t record was released in 2004 through Buttermilk records. Seattle stage performer at Endfest 2004.
The Lights
Playing together since 1998, The Lights released their latest "Wood & Wire EP" in the fall of 2004.
Twink: The Wonder Kid
Endfest 2004 Seattle stage performer, Twink: The Wonder Kid, released their debut self titled record last year, and their follow up "White Sabbath" in 2006. Featuring Dick Rosetti, of 1077 The End fame.
Key Note Speaker
In early 2005, Key Note Speaker released their debut full length, 'Fiction.' Produced by legendary rock producer Jack Endino.
The Last Romance
Finalist in 2005's EMP Sound Off! Competition. Look out for shows and a new full length coming later this year.
An indie rock band conceived in 2004, Siberian currently have a 4 song demo EP circulating, and are primed to release their debut full length record early 2005.
In Praise of Folly
"The Present Age" was released through Lujo Records in April of 2004 to much local praise. IPOF are currently at work playing shows behind their brand new record called "Means/Ends."
The Femurs
Featuring End DJ Rob Femur, the two-piece Femurs are a punk band from New York City. Influenced heavily by The Ramones, they released a new record this year.
The Gruff Mummies
Winner of 2005's EMP Sound Off! Competition. Look forward to experiencing the Gruff Mummies glam/garage rock live show around town in the future.
With their unique version of electro-female fronted-rock and an engaging live show, Kuma's latest "Fast Colliding" is available now.
Taking influence from some of the great synth pop bands of the 80s, Infomatik self released their newest "Technologies" and are currently out playing consistent local shows.
Young Sportsmen
Steering this band are former members of local favs Muzzle. Busy making a name for themselves with their new project, they released the record, "The Familiar Glow of Colliding Particles," in '05.
Sgt. Major
Featuring legendary Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks and Young Fresh Fellows, Sgt. Major writes catchy rock songs on their debut "Rich, Creamery Butter."
Airport Cathedral
Bearing a sound reminiscent to long time local favorites, Pedro the Lion, Airport Cathedral unveiled "Jetlag" full of drum loops, keyboards, and deep vocals in 2005 on local Burning Building Recordings.
The Johnbenders
Creating sincere emo/rock, they released the "Single Sided Conversation EP" late 2005, and are consistently playing shows in and around Seattle in support of it.
Cassandra Speaks
Drawing comparison to Cowboy Junkies and Neko Case, Cassandra Speaks released "The Wanting" in 2004.

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