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The End On Demand

The End's Weekly Shows:

1077 The End's weekly specialty shows cover cover a wide range of alternative music, eras and styles. Each show is available for a week, then replaced with the latest show.

The New Music Show -
An hour of new alternative music, upcoming releases and downloads.
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The New Music Show for 03/18/07:
Click here to listen

The Young & The Restless, The End's local music show -
Two hours of bands from Portland to Vancouver, BC.
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The Young & The Restless for 03/18/07:
8pm - 9pm
9pm - 10pm

Resurrection Flashback Sunday -
Four hours from the roots of alternative, from the late 70's punk rock explosion through the new wave 80's.
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Resurrection Flashback Sunday for 03/18/07:
8am - 9am
9am - 10am
10am - 11am
11am - 12am

Gabba Gabba Hey, The End's punk rock show -
Two hours of tunes from the original 70's punks to the 90's punk rock revival and current punkers.
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Gabba Gabba Hey for 03/18/07:
12am - 1am
1am - 2am

The End's Daily Features:
The End's daily features are archived a week at a time (each show below contains 5 songs), and updated each week.

What's Next - A song you've never heard before, including world premieres, downloads, upcoming releases and buzz band debuts.

What’s Next for the week of 03/12/07:
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Radio Takeovers.

Sometimes when artists or bands come to The End studios, we just turn the station over to them, letting them say and play whatever they want. We call 'em Radio Takeovers.

Audioslave Radio Takeover (9/28/05)
Click here to listen

Transplants Radio Takeover (6/9/05)
Click here to listen

Garbage Radio Takeover
Click here to listen

Interpol Radio Takeover
Click here to listen

Queens of the Stone Age Radio Takeover
Click here to listen

End Mashups.
Combine a bit of this song, with a bit of that song, and you've got something else - a mash-up.

The Clash/Killers
Click here to listen

Click here to listen

Green Day/Oasis
Click here to listen

Queens of the Stone Age/Cowbell
Click here to listen

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